Thursday, 15 March 2012

From another world!

My laptop has decided that updating my blog is on the list of things I cannot do anymore (Its a long list, my laptop has had it). So I update from the university library.

So birding wise its been rather slow recently as all the deadlines crash in on me. Missing the majority of the winter ringing down the fen is a big shame but I did get a little done when I briefly returned in February. Also seeing 8 Cranes fly over my home town (A special thing for me as I have never seen any before!). Bar this I have also been on my first bird ringing excursion on the South Coast with a Siskin session with the Christchurch Harbour ringing group at Blashford Lakes. Yet to join them again but plan to in the not too distant future.

Now back to the joy of biology write-ups. Good ol' enzymes!