Monday, 25 April 2011

In search of Nightingales.

To cut it short, 2 calling, none rung! Not that we shall give up that easy, an evening session will follow soon.

First bird was a beautiful male Kestrel...

After playing the waiting game we had...

1 Chiffchaff
2 Song Thrush
1 Jay
1 Woodpigeon
1 Kestrel
3 Blackcap
5 Willow Warbler
1 Garden Warbler
1 Robin
2 Dunnock

Another good day in birdland! AND counted up my yearlist, 140, not too bad for someone who hasnt twitched a bird in his life.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Frampton Marsh 20/04

20th April- A fairly quiet day on the marsh, a slight sea breeze the only thing stirring the perfect calm. My grandparents and I went down around midday to trek around the marsh, maybe the fact we came later than I usually would was the reason for the seemingly quiet day.

Around 30 Avocets on the reserve, Redshank out on the saltmarsh. Lapwings displaying left right and centre. At least 5 Wheatears on the reserve though I suspect I saw 7. A pair being extremely photogenic.

Also earlier in the week a great moment, a Montagu's Harrier appearing as we drived to do a spot of pullus, the site obviously not to be told incase the very slight chance of it staying and breeding, fingers crossed!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A long overdue update.

Since I last posted (shockingly about a month ago >.<)  we have finished winter ringing started the first pullus of the year and will soon be 'owling'.

The winter totals for our farmland site are as follows...

Northorpe Fen- Winter 10/11
Brambling- nearly 300!
Reed Buntings- 236
Yellowhammers- 217
Goldfinches- 197
Chaffinches- 117

Also of note is the Bourne Woods site, specifically Bob Sheppards garden, with amazing Redpoll totals.

Lesser Redpoll- 320
Common Redpoll- 70

I also ringed my first Meadow Pipit since my last post.

The first Pulli of the year also began with the ringing of 2 Heron chicks and with a returned date on the cards to get to the other nests. The first Owl checks have also begun, of note a very early Little Owl egg (the date I'll confirm when I remember). Another Little Owl when released after processing headed straight down a rat hole, interesting behaviour.

Yesterday I attended the BTO conference at Riseholme college, Lincoln. The talk was very informative and it was nice to be able to put faces to names I have heard a lot about through the other ringers. Hopefully in years to come I'll be working as part of other conservation schemes as a career, fingers crossed !