Sunday, 31 July 2011

Au revoir Bourne!

Back down to Icklesham tomorrow, Will keep a written diary as to update a day by day analysis when I get back. Now to try and use birds as an excuse to ignore impending results day (cries)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Forgein Controls!

I also bring news of a Chaffinch to Norway and a Brambling to Denmark! Details when I remember to pick them up from the back of Alan's in about 3 weeks :-P

Icklesham 12-18 July.

Once again life has been busy, birding and otherwise, meaning I haven't had a chance to keep this blog updated, so my apologies.

However I don't want to write to much as I am unaware on how strict where I have been ringing is on releasing news. What I can say is that I can now include Oystercatcher and Reed Warbler on my ring list, and have had an opportunity to get my eye in on fat and muscle scores. All good stuff! The place felt very scientific and it loved it! If only the weather had been a little better! Most of my time was spent wandering with the bins during the day (25 miles in 3 days of which I was rather proud of ;-) ). Due to the amount of learning done, I got few photos of actual birds, however I'll put up a couple of scenic landscape shots when I next have a chance.

Also a short trip to Dunsby Sewage Treatment Works (first of the year) earlier this week turned out to be rather unsucessful and ended up in going Owling, not that I am complaining!

Back down south on Monday, and news is good for numbers picking up. Very excited!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Raptor Heaven

So after Buzzard's a few weeks back, my raptor list is pretty impressive for someone only ringing 18 months. Kestrel, Barn, Little and Tawny Owls being regulars it was nice to get Buzzards and Peregrine recently. But now I can add another two species to the list with Red kite and Marsh Harrier, both emmence birds!

Red Kite
Marsh Harrier

And not to forget the my second wader. Little Ringed Plover. Beauties!